Stick it to me

The 20-year-old Sticker Guy is throwing a giant birthday party

When traveling, there are certain questions that are often heard whenever one mentions that one is from Reno: “That’s near Las Vegas, right?” and “What do people from Reno think of that show Reno 911?” are a couple of the most common, and most irritating, offenders. In certain circles, whenever visiting underground rock ’n’ roll clubs, for example, one is just as likely to encounter this question: “Do you know Sticker Guy?”

If you’ve ever been asked this question and had to respond to the negative, here are the basics: Sticker Guy is a business that creates stickers—adhesive-backed vinyl shapes that one might attach to the bumper of a car, the bottom of skateboard deck, or the outside of a guitar case. These stickers might promote a business, a joke, a political cause, or a musical group.

Sticker Guy has been in the business of making stickers for 20 years—since March 1993. To celebrate its anniversary, Sticker Guy is throwing a giant party… READ MORE


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