We made two important changes to Full Color stickers:

1) the minimum dimension is now 2 inches. That means the smallest sticker you can order is 2″ x 2″
2) the maximum available quantity is now 250  (or less for larger size stickers)

Below are some Qs & As — feel free to contact us if you have others!

Our digital printing equipment is great for printing small quantities of stickers — with whatever colors you like, in any shape and size  — but it’s not really suited for larger quantities. If you need a bigger order, order in BULK and you’ll get a great price on higher quality, screen printed vinyl stickers.

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Two reasons; they don’t look good and they don’t cut well.  We’ve found that tiny designs print very blurry.  Also, since there is always slight shifting with any cutting, it’s far more noticeable with tiny dimensions.  We recommend if you do print a small size, such as 2″ x 2″, to stay away from thin lines and small text.

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