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  1. order processing takes a long time but the stickers are worth it

  2. I have had problems with orders going through and the payments on my last few orders.

  3. All of the B&W stickers I’ve gotten over the years have been great, but this batch is a bit disappointing. The graphic kind of fade/breaks apart inconsistently across the stickers in the parts where the original graphic starts to fade (original PNG included here, too). It’s unlikely anyone besides me will have more than one sticker, to be honest, but still.

    Also, the typeface is somehow thinner and a bit rougher than the image I sent to be printed–not sure how that happens.

    I’ll stick with the simpler stickers we usually use from now on if I’m to reorder (which I’ve also attached here for reference), since I’m worried that anything a little complicated isn’t suitable for their print equipment.

    Image #1 from Dave
    Image #2 from Dave
    Image #3 from Dave
  4. ok

  5. Took longer than expected.

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